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:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Characters :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiserStamp: Caliburn by Rapha-chanLight the Hoghedge Stamp by Powerwing-AmberStamp: Scourge by Rapha-chanSonic Stamp by Miha85blaze stamp by PFV0-StampKnuckles stamp by SonyaLSNicole by YourCuteWolfyRouge stamp by SonyaLSShade The Echidna Stamp by The-Shade-Clubespio stamp by PFV0-StampExcalibur Sonic Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsStamp: Sir Lancelot by Rapha-chanStamp: Sir Percival by Rapha-chanStamp: Sir Gawain by Rapha-chanchao stamp by PFV0-Stampdark chao stamp by PFV0-Stamphero chao stamp by PFV0-Stamp:thumb88902637::thumb88746642:Manic stamp by FortunaDrakenStamp: Shadz by Rapha-chanStamp: Vex by Rapha-chanStamp: Kiei by Rapha-chanStamp: Sorcerer Fai by Rapha-chanStamp: Ninja Kurogane by Rapha-chanStamp: Raphael by Rapha-chanStamp: Nightcrawler by Rapha-chanZelgadis Stamp by XiliaStamp: Bumblebee by Rapha-chanSoul Eater "Soul" Stamp by dn-revengeExalibur Dance Stamp by AlClairStein Stamp by AdryJustendSquall by skinnyveestampST- TNG Data Stamp by RavenScarlettJames BW stamp by SA948-StampsLink stamp by ChrysalisloverGhirahim Stamp by Allendra3Marth is Fabulous Stamp by FlareTornadoBowser Fan stamp by Names-TailzFawful the Bean Kid Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiStrong Bad by renatalmarAnything But Tangerines by IceVallejoSPOOOOON by SeishinKibouStamp - I'm a FREAK by senshuuBatman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3Squidward Imagination Stamp by lapraskingGarfield by Schnitzelyne

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Shipping :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
Stamp: Calicole by Rapha-chanAwesome Sonaze Stamp by Powerwing-Ambershadow x maria stamp by AngelicHeartShadeKnuxRouge Stamp by EnvytheskunkBuntoine Fan Stamp by Nikki-Nicole-PStamp: Jules x Bernie by Rapha-chan

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Gaming :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:
Nintendo Systems Stamp by linkhero55Sega Systems Stamp by linkhero55I love the Original DS by QueenoftheStampedeShadow the Hedgehog by ByoWT1125JP SatBK Stamp by Fuzon-SSA2 stamp by SonyaLS

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Entertainment :bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Food :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:thumb122494356:Pizza Stamp by LinkmaxHotdog Stamp by RiverbirdDRINK THIS STEAK SAUCE by Powerwing-AmberSushi Love Stamp by morfachasStamp: V8 Vegetable Juice by Rapha-chanDrink milk by iAiishaHot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-RoseDonuts by arbitraryWhite chocolate Stamp by Ali-zarinaI Love Chocolate by SophibelleCheesecakes by bubblymilkteaCoffee-Flavored Ice Cream by EmthehotpinkbunnyPocky Stamp by Sheikah-ness

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Animals :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
Black cat stamps by Shizuru117I support Hedgehogs by Animal-StampTurtle love by Animal-StampHorse Stamp 2 by ObsessedWithHorsesI heart snails Stamp by FamiliarOddlingsSlugs rock stamp by CrazdudeLadybug Stamp by MajinPatDeinonychus by skinnyveestampStamp: Plecostomas by Rapha-chan

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Pokemon :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
007 - Squirtle by Marlenesstamps008 - Wartortle by Marlenesstamps009 - Blastoise by Marlenesstamps155 - Cyndaquil by Marlenesstamps156 - Quilava by Marlenesstamps157 - Typhlosion by Marlenesstamps252 - Treecko by Marlenesstamps253 - Grovyle by Marlenesstamps254 - Sceptile by Marlenesstamps387 - Turtwig by Marlenesstamps388 - Grotle by Marlenesstamps389 - Torterra by Marlenesstamps495 - Snivy by Marlenesstamps496 - Servine by Marlenesstamps497 - Serperior by Marlenesstamps656 - Froakie by Marlenesstamps657 - Frogadier by Marlenesstamps658 - Greninja by Marlenesstamps
382 - Kyogre by Marlenesstamps493 - Arceus by Marlenesstamps492 - Shaymin Land Forme by Marlenesstamps300 - Skitty by Marlenesstamps301 - Delcatty by Marlenesstamps359 - Absol by Marlenesstamps052 - Meowth by Marlenesstamps053 - Persian by Marlenesstamps215 - Sneasel by Marlenesstamps509 - Purrloin by Marlenesstamps510 - Liepard by Marlenesstamps353 - Shuppet by Marlenesstamps431 - Glameow by Marlenesstamps432 - Purugly by Marlenesstamps428 - Lopunny by Marlenesstamps564 - Tirtouga by Marlenesstamps565 - Carracosta by Marlenesstamps324 - Torkoal by Marlenesstamps243 - Raikou by Marlenesstamps244 - Entei by Marlenesstamps245 - Suicune by Marlenesstamps077 - Ponyta by Marlenesstamps078 - Rapidash by Marlenesstamps570 - Zorua by Marlenesstamps422 - Shellos West by Marlenesstamps422 - Shellos East by Marlenesstamps557 - Dwebble by Marlenesstamps218 - Slugma by Marlenesstamps219 - Magcargo by Marlenesstamps026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps633 - Deino by Marlenesstamps634 - Zweilous by Marlenesstamps637 - Volcarona by Marlenesstamps522 - Blitzle by Marlenesstamps523 - Zebstrika by Marlenesstamps357 - Tropius by Marlenesstamps134 - Vaporeon by Marlenesstamps197 - Umbreon by Marlenesstamps316 - Gulpin by Marlenesstamps704 - Goomy by Marlenesstamps705 - Sliggoo by Marlenesstamps706 - Goodra by Marlenesstamps

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Random :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Sonic Shuffle Dance Stamp by Fuzon-SImagination stamp by NamiYamiSports Fail with Bowser by MetadreamStamp: Ghirahim's Fabulous Dance by Rapha-chanI Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampitySix Flags - Dancing old man by Cathines-StampsBad Ronald McDonald. by MushMallowMoopluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXGosh by KurasiiOZFGFLANDERSSTAMP by MeganraLoading ... by Mr-StampG33k Valentine by quinnypin

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Personal :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
Ace Pride 2 by HarmonicSonicAce Stamp 3 by RJDaaeI Am What I Am Stamp by Powerwing-AmberFandom Stamp by Sheikah-nesslol by erosagfxpeople stamp by YaREBIddYstare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---xI Love The Rain by WearwolfaaIntrovert by skinnyveestampStop Swearing Stamp by sugarpoultryI Role Play On MSN by missingperson11Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXAnti-Theft Ninja Stamp by sambeesAnti-smoke by Joey-artUnited States Stamp by phantomMy Memory Sucks by renatalmarSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Mutant and Proud by woohooliganStop Yaoi Abuse by KairiSakuraStorm Stamp by soulshelterStamp: Sharp Teeth by Rapha-chan


LAX - Likes to Relax
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Personal Info

:bulletblue: Everyone calls me Rapha and you can, too =) That's always been my online handle.
:bulletblue: Yes, I really am 36 years young :meow:
:bulletblue: I work in a bakery, frosting donuts and doing other bakery-related tasks :donut: I work very early in the morning, so I have a weird sleeping schedule.
:bulletblue: I enjoy RPing with my bestest friend (Powerwing-Amber), drawing, web design, video games, anime, cartoons, writing, and other various activities.
:bulletblue: I am an aromantic asexual. This means I have no desire for sex or having a romantic relationship with anyone. I do, however, develop the usual fangirl crushes :heart:
:bulletblue: I hate yaoi, yuri, porn, or any other type of fetishes. If you ever think my art has anything to do with these things, think again. There sure is a lot of weird crap out there that gives a bad name to some of the innocent cuteness I enjoy.

DeviantART Life

:bulletpurple: I don't mind discussing things with people, but I don't just chat with random people for the sake of chatting.
:bulletpurple: I don't trade watches. You can watch me all you want, but don't expect I'll watch you in return.
:bulletpurple: I used to always leave a comment when faving, but lately I've gotten lazy. I fav and run most of the time. Deal with it.
:bulletpurple: I don't do art trades or requests. I really don't have time for them when I have so many of my own ideas waiting to be completed.
:bulletpurple: I always read all comments that people leave for me. I try to respond to as many as I can, but sometimes I just don't have anything to say. I also can take months to respond ^^; If you get a super late reply from me, that's just normal.
:bulletpurple: If you drop the F-bomb, your comment will be hidden :censored:
:bulletpurple: I hate it when people RP in my comments :|
:bulletpurple: I don't go to people's profiles or art and attack them just because their views are different from mine and if someone brings a fight to me, I'll try to end it peacefully or ignore it. I don't like fighting and I don't believe that it ever changes anyone's minds, anyway.
:bulletpurple: I'm not your best friend just because you say I am. If you say something like that, I'll probably start ignoring you.
:bulletpurple: I dislike when people post anything other than their own work. I report TOS violations whenever I see them :evillaugh:

Sonic Fan Stuff

:bulletorange: I am a Sonic The Hedgehog fan.
:bulletorange: I fangirl, but not to the point of being completely insane.
:bulletorange: Being a Sonic fan doesn't make me a furry.
:bulletorange: Being a Sonic fan doesn't make me stupid.
:bulletorange: I draw clean Sonic art.
:bulletorange: I like Sonic games, comics, and cartoons.
:bulletorange: I won't give you trouble if you disagree with my opinions on shipping, 2D vs 3D, or any other aspect of Sonic fandom.
:bulletorange: I normally don't like recolors, OC x FC, or crack , but there can be rare exceptions if they make sense and don't seem forced. About 99.999% of these things are made of fail, though.

:heart: Top Fav Sonic Chars

:bulletblack: Shadow
:bulletblack: Caliburn
:bulletblack: Scourge
:bulletblack: Sonic
:bulletblack: Blaze
:bulletblack: Knuckles
:bulletblack: Nicole
:bulletblack: Rouge
:bulletblack: Shade
:bulletblack: Espio

:love: Supported Sonic Couples

:bulletred: Caliburn x Nicole
:bulletred: Sonic x Blaze
:bulletred: Shadow x Maria
:bulletred: Knuckles x Shade
:bulletred: Antoine x Bunnie
:bulletred: Jules x Bernie
:bulletred: Patch x Alicia

:| Neutral Sonic Couples

:bulletgreen: Sonic x Sally
:bulletgreen: Shadow x Rouge
:bulletgreen: Knuckles x Rouge
:bulletgreen: Silver x Amy
:bulletgreen: Scourge x Fiona

:rage: Hated Sonic Couples

:bulletpink: Any same-sex couples
:bulletpink: Any pedo couples
:bulletpink: OC x FC Mary-Sue Mania
:bulletpink: Sonic x Elise
:bulletpink: Sonic x Amy
:bulletpink: Shadow x Amy

:manhug: Bromances

:bulletyellow: Scourge & Light
:bulletyellow: Sonic & Caliburn
:bulletyellow: Shadz & Shad-chan
:bulletyellow: Mikado & Lance

What kind of friend am I?
Type Of Friend 8 - Chara Love by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 9 - Heat by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 14 - Singer by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 15- Late by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 16 - Forgetful by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 17 -Cuddly Toys by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 19 -Punctuation by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 21 - Odd Music by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 25 - Pets by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 26 -Scared by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 35 - Bad Eyes by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 39 - Gets Lost by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 47 - Sarcastic by uncopyrightedvinegar

Character Feature!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 10:51 AM

Yeah, I'm trying something like this again. Hopefully I won't be a failure at it this time ^^;

For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will go to your gallery and pick one character whom I'll feature here for all to see! I'll probably just post a few pics because if I try to make comments, I'll lose the love and never finish like last time XP Maybe I'll comment, but I dunno. I'm lazy that way.

If you comment, please do the same in your journal. And please put the original tagger (in this case, it would be myself) in the first slot.

I originally got this journal from :iconpowerwing-amber: :tighthug:

1. :iconpowerwing-amber:
PKMN Armonia App - Morgana Vomer by Powerwing-Amber PKMNA - Survival - Defeat Your Fears! by Powerwing-Amber
It was a pretty tough descision because Amber has a ton of really great chars! :meow: I might have chosen Light, but she hasn't really drawn him at all I've drawn him over 9000 times, though. :lol: But I really love this tough, spooky, and elegant lady! She has a great, grumpy and snarky attitude and doesn't afraid of anything, yet she can be very sweet with Jace, although she won't let him get away with his emo whining :XD:

2. :iconsilver13riolu:
<da:thumb id="460613339"/> <da:thumb id="388170946"/>
Since Amber featured Blaize, I will feature her pet houndour, Legolas :aww:

3. :iconsakura-courage-solo:
Sakura Solo by Sakura-Courage-Solo Sakura's a Jerk - Base Colour by Sakura-Courage-Solo
I will choose her namesake char, Sakura ^^

4. :iconalex674:
Scrappy And Skippy Redesign by alex674 Don't even think about it by alex674
She has a lot to choose from :XD: Here are Skippy and Scrappy.


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  • Watching: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Nick]
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Eating: Lucky Charms
  • Drinking: Milk

Shameless plug time, everyone! The legendary pokemon RP group, SecretHideout, will be having an opening starting January 2! 

3 deviants said I'm already in that group! :meow:
1 deviant said I want to join SecretHideout and RP as a legendary! :la:
1 deviant said No thanks, I'm just not interested :hmm:
No deviants said No thanks, I'm in too many groups as it is! :noes:
No deviants said I would like to donate to their super group fund! SecretHideoutDP



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